Kenya DNA paternity test

Our 24-marker DNA paternity test is 99.99% accurate and provides maximum statistical power.


Standard samples include cheek cells (buccal swabs) and blood.

How to collect Mouth Swabs for DNA testing

Blood is collected as dried blood spots using our FTA collecting card. 4ml of venous blood can also be collected in EDTA tubes. If it is not possible to get samples of cheek cells, the following non-standard samples can be submitted: Underwear, Chewing Gum, Cigarette Butt, Earwax, Electric Razor, Amniotic Fluid Cups / Bottles, Hair (With Root), Condom (Used), Dental Floss, Feminine Hygiene Razors, Fingernails, Bandaid (Used), Tissue, Pacifier, Toothbrush, Envelope / Stamp, Hat (Well Worn), Toothpick Note however that the non-standard samples may fail due to a variety of reasons and that we levy extra processing costs on these non-standard samples.
SampleExamplesSuccess RateCollection Instructions
Buccal SwabsCells collected from the inner lining of the mouth using 3 swab sticks>99%Collection Instructions
Dry Blood or StainUsed Band aids, Tampons, Sanitary napkin, bloody tissues, Gauze.>99%Collection Instructions
Prenatal Fluids/CulturesAmniotic Fluid or CVS cells. They must be presented on a FTA Card.>95%Collection Instructions
Nail ClippingsAt least 5 trimmed nails. Nails must not be dirty or have nail polish.>95%Collection Instructions
Nasal DischargeKleenex or handkerchief. Used tissues full of mucus usually works well if the person does not have an infection (cold, flu, fever).90%Collection Instructions
Ear WaxWe require at least 2 Q-tips (earbuds).80%Collection Instructions
HairAt least 7-8 strands of hair with visible root or Follicles. Hair that has been cut or collected from a hair brush or comb will not work.80%Collection Instructions
Dental FlossImportant: When collecting the sample avoid touching the floss with your fingers.80%Collection Instructions
Chewing GumSugar free and a fresh sample is always recommended. When collecting the samples avoid touching the gum with your fingers.>99%Collection Instructions
Sperm/SemenLiquid Semen: collected in a sterilized cotton swab. Sample should be air dried for at least 1 hour.99%Collection Instructions
RazorsRazors may contain skin cells or follicles. Electric Razor are not acceptable.50%Collection Instructions
ToothbrushA recently used tooth brush is always best. Air-dry the toothbrush for 30 minutes.>50%Collection Instructions
Teething Ring / PacifierFresh sample is always recommended. When collecting the samples avoid touching the samples with your fingers.40%Collection Instructions


  1. STEP 1: Order for the test kit
  2. STEP 2: Collect Samples according to the Instructions Leaflet.
  3. STEP 3: Calculate your lab processing fee using the attached Pricing & Sample Information Leaflet. Make the payment and include the MPESA reference on the REF section located at the back of the mailing envelope or a copy of the payment slip inside the mailing envelope.
  4. STEP 4: Using a reliable courier or bus service, send the correctly packed samples to us.
  5. STEP 5: Wait for your results.
    • Typically, you will receive your results within 5 working days.
    • Results will be sent to your email and an official hard copy sent to you via courier.
    • Alternatively, you can visit our office to collect the results and chat with our analysts about the results.