Finger nails and toe nails are made of keratin tissue and contain DNA which can be used for scientific and forensic purposes. Nails are a convenient sample for DNA testing because they are easy to collect, store and transport; are non-invasive and have a high success rate (>95%).

How to Collect Nails for DNA Testing

1. Using a sterile/clean razor or nail cutter, trim nails from either toes of fingers from the base of the nail.

2. Nails should be cut at the base, near the skin to improve the quality of the sample.

3. At least 5 trimmed nails should be collected for each person. The nails can be clipped from the fingers or toes.

4. Nails must not be dirty and should not have gel, nail polish, shellac, or cutex.

5. Place inside a clean/sterile envelope and seal.

6. Label the name, date of birth, collection, type of DNA test, race and the relationship.

7. Pack the samples in the envelope into a big envelope/package and mail to the lab for analysis.

8. The samples should be properly labelled with the name of the participant, date of birth and test ID.

DNA Testing Process

Acceptable DNA Samples


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