Sibling DNA Test

Sibling DNA Test in Kenya

Our 44-marker Sibling DNA test determines if 2 individuals are biological brothers or sisters.

The sibling DNA test involves comparing a child with his/her sibling and is usually carried out if it is impossible to test the alleged father. Unlike a paternity DNA test, two siblings don't always share DNA types in common when considering each marker tested. Each sibling should share half of their DNA in common, but it's not uncommon for two full siblings to not share a number (allele) in common at each genetic location. For a Sibling DNA Test, the comparison relies on the statistics to determine how likely they are related. Gender does not matter.

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How much does a Sibling DNA Test Cost in Kenya?


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44-marker Test


Determines if two individuals are biological brothers or sisters.


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Samples from 2 siblings are needed. It is not a must to send the Mother or Father's samples even though including either can strengthen the results.

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Legal DNA Test

If the test is required for legal purposes, the participants must physically come to the lab for sample collection. A chain-of-custody procedure will be followed and an additional fee of 2,000 kshs levied for notarization of the report by an advocate. Proof of identity of the participants will be required (i.e. National ID Card/passport, and birth certificate for the child).

  • National ID Card or passport
  • Minor's birth certificate
  • Signed consent
  • Chain of custody forms
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