When worn, hats collects cells from around the face, and at the back of neck. The cells collocated onto the hat can be used for DNA analysis for forensic and DNA analysis. Hats are easy to collect and store, are non-infectious, and contain significant high quality DNA. However, hats may have poor quality sample that may not be able to provide reliable results. Hats are subject to contamination due to poor handling by the owner and harsh environmental conditions. Unwashed hats that have been recently well worn are required and these might be hard to get.

How to Collect Hats for DNA testing

1. A recently worn and unwashed hat is recommended.

2. The hat should be well worn.

3. Put on gloves or wash your hands and cover with protective covers.

4. Collect the well worn hat carefully and place it inside a clean and sterile envelope.

5. Label accordingly (name, collection date, relationship).

6. Send to the laboratory for analysis.

DNA Testing Process

Acceptable DNA Samples


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