Shaving razors contain white tipped hair follicles that get deposited during shaving. Disposable razors may contain blood- like material or dead skin cells while electric razors may contain hair like debris and skin like material deposits. Razors are ideal for use in the absence of an individual or for discreet testing. However, their success rate is low (~50%), samples may be contaminated due to use by multiple persons, and the DNA yield is not as high as that of buccal swabs or blood samples.

Razors for DNA testing

1. Obtain the razor using a paper towel or gloves, avoid contact with fingers.

2. Air dry the razor if it is wet.

3. Should be of frequent use in case of electric razors.

4. Should be of frequent use in case of electric razors.

5. Should not contain moisture.

6. Should not have more than one user for disposable razors.

3. Place the razor in a clean paper envelop and label accordingly (name, date of collection and relationship).

4. Send it to the laboratory for analysis.

DNA Testing Process

Acceptable DNA Samples


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