DNA Testing needs not be an expensive, complicated, laborious, or time consuming affair. At KIBS, we provide reliable, accurate, timely, and affordable DNA tests.

Our DNA testing services include DNA paternity, DNA maternity, DNA siblingship, DNA grandaprent, and DNA avuncular (uncle/aunt) test. We also provide DNA ancestry tests, Y-chromosome tests, and mitochondrial DNA tests. Our prenatal paternity test is done before a baby is born and helps determine whether a particular man is the real biological father of the unborn baby. Our legal DNA test provides irrefutable proof of biological relationships and is admissible in a court of law and can be used for immigration purposes.

DNA cheek swab


Why test with us?

Our rates are affordable

Our tests are conclusive with up to 99.9999% accuracy

Our services are highly confidential and discreet

We provide 24/7 online and telephone customer support

Our 44 marker DNA test provides answers in complicated cases

Our friendly support staff will help you every step of the way

Our tests are based on non-invasive sampling (cheek swabs, nails, hair, chewing gum, and other non-invasive samples)

We have fast turnaround times - results are available for collection in 5 working days

Quality control is assured through triangulation in an AABB-accredited facility

Our lab is staffed with highly trained and experienced scientists



99.999% Accuracy. Conclusive results based on 24- and 44- marker tests.


DNA testing fees start from as little as 10,000 kshs per person.


Results are typically out in 5 working days.

Discreet & Confidential

Every effort is made to protect your privacy and confidentiality.
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Even though Africa boasts of the most diverse genome worldwide, less than 1% of African genomic data is presently available for use in disease management and prevention. We want to change this. Our passion is to generate and provide access to actionable genetic data that can be used to guide disease prevention as well as inform clinical decisions.


FreeLab ™ is the world’s first free medical testing lab. We provide hundreds of absolutely free laboratory tests. Your test results are used to identify red flags and improve your health.

  • View your past and current prescriptions and test results
  • Update your allergies, conditions, weight, among others
  • Tap to share your medical records with healthcare providers anywhere in the world in real time.
  • Take action: Powerful algorithms scours your records and suggests remedial action when a problem is detected.
  • DNA Sequencing

    Get your entire DNA sequenced and your gene expression determined.

  • Personalized Medicine

    Get drugs and treatments that are tailored just for you.

  • Medical Records

    Access and manage your medical and genetic records.

  • Disease Prediction

    Match your symptoms with disease, know your risk based on your DNA.

  • Data Sharing

    Share your data with health practioners anywhere in the world.

  • Lifetime Update

    Your data is stored securely in perpetuity.

  • Red Flag Alerts

    Get alerts, warnings, and red flags to keep you healthy.

  • Reminders

    Get timely dosage and refill reminders.

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We are actively involved in finding solutions to the most pressing health probelms.