Testing for diseases needs not be expensive, complicated, laborious, or time consuming. It needs not require bulky equipment and advanced lab facilities. At KIBS, we are constantly innovating diagnostic tests - democratizing diagnosis for even the most complicated disease.

We use emergent technologies such as the CRISPR-Cas system, isothermal amplification, metabolomics, metagenomics, DNA sequencing, bioinformatics, genomics, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and other biomedical tools to design and innovate new diagnostic tests.

DNA lab


COVID-19 Rapid Nucleic Acid Test

A four-letter alphabet called DNA.

Our COVID-19 test provides a method for the rapid detection of the SARS CoV2 in an accurate, simple, and affordable manner. Unlike the RT-PCR test, it does not require highly trained scientists, is portable, versatile, inexpensive, and does not require stable electricity. It has high sensitivity and accuracy similar to the standard RT-PCR test. It is therefore well suited for use in resource-deprived and rural areas of Africa.


100% sensitivity and reproducibility when compared to RT-PCR test


Doesn't require expensive equipment or highly trained scientists


Takes less than one hour from sample collection to results


Can be used in field settings or resource-deprived areas
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Our passion is to transform the lives of people with serious conditions using endogenous molecules, gene-based medicine, and smart bullets.


We innovate fashionable accessories that you can wear and which monitor your health indicators. Our THIMBO2 gloves or wristbands can protect you from the adverse effects of COVID-19 silent hypoxia by monitoring your oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate. Besides monitoring your health, the wearables also enable you to:

  • View your past and current prescriptions and test results
  • Update your allergies, conditions, weight, among others
  • Tap to share your medical records with healthcare providers anywhere in the world in real time.
  • Take action: Powerful algorithms scours your records and suggests remedial action when a problem is detected.
  • DNA Sequencing

    Get your entire DNA sequenced and your gene expression determined.

  • Personalized Medicine

    Get drugs and tretaments that are tailored just for you.

  • Medical Records

    Access and manage your medical and genetic records.

  • Disease Prediction

    Match your symptoms with disease, know your risk based on your DNA.

  • Data Sharing

    Share your data with health practioners anywhere in the world.

  • Lifetime Update

    Your data is stored securely in perpetuity.

  • Red Flag Alerts

    Get alerts, warnings, and red flags to keep you healthy.

  • Reminders

    Get timely dosage and refill reminders.

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Fast, accurate, and affordable DNA testing services: