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Our life's work is to look after you. We do this by decoding your DNA and using your gene story together with your medication records and other medical data to ensure that you don't fall sick and that you receive personalized, effective, safe and optimal treatment if you fall sick.

We use DNA sequencing, bioinformatics, genomics, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and biomedical, demographic, and clinical data to prevent, predict and diagnose diseases and improve treatment outcomes.

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Why Your Genes Matter

A four-letter alphabet called DNA.

Knowing your DNA makeup can help determine your risk for certain diseases such as cancer, determine the best medicine for you, diagnose diseases, personalize your treatment, optimize your therapy, and help make informed decisions that would keep you from falling ill. By combining this knowledge of your DNA and other medical data, we give you a powerful tool to enable you enjoy good health at all times.

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The Safest way to Take your Medicine

100% Safe

A novel Safety Check button to ensure you only take the safest drugs

0% Medication Errors

Eiminates prescription, dispensing and other human medication errors

No Quacks

Allows prescriptions only from licensed practitioners


Suggests the best treatment based on your genetic makeup

Send & Receive M-Prescriptions

Receive and share M-prescriptions using your phone. Unlike paper prescriptions, M-prescriptions are easily read and have no spelling errors, cannot be easily destroyed, cannot be forged or altered, are clear and legitimate, are unique to the patient and cannot be transferred to another person, can be shared electronically, are easily traceable to the prescriber, and are environmentally fiendly.

Access & Manage your Medical Records using your Phone

Your medical records belong to you. You have the right to access them anytime, anywhere and share them as you wish. Most importantly, these records need to count in making your health better.

  • View your past and current prescriptions and test results
  • Update your allergies, conditions, weight, among others
  • Tap to share your medical records with healthcare providers anywhere in the world in real time.
  • Take action: Powerful algorithms scours your records and suggests remedial action when a problem is detected.
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Features & Overviews

  • DNA Sequencing

    Get your entire DNA sequenced and your gene expression determined.

  • Personalized Medicine

    Get drugs and tretaments that are tailored just for you.

  • Medical Records

    Access and manage your medical and genetic records.

  • Disease Prediction

    Match your symptoms with disease, know your risk based on your DNA.

  • Data Sharing

    Share your data with health practioners anywhere in the world.

  • Lifetime Update

    Your data is stored securely in perpetuity.

  • Red Flag Alerts

    Get alerts, warnings, and red flags to keep you healthy.

  • Reminders

    Get timely dosage and refill reminders.

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