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We provide biomedical research support to pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, academia, and individual researchers. We also provide specialized laboratory tests to hopsitals and clinics. From small laboratory-based projects by Masters and PhD students to large scale clinical trials, no project is too small or too big for us to see it through to succesful completion.


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Our Services & Products

We provide solutions in laboratory animal testing, DNA sequencing, metagenomics, microbial identification including strain typing and antimicrobial resistance testing, toxicity studies, GMO testing, clinical genetics, pharmacogenetics, and NIPT testing. We also provide custom RNAi and CRISPR knockout/knockin systems. We run a large bacterial culture library with strains to meet your reseaarch and industrial needs. We also provide products such as defibirnated sheep blood, murine mast cells,bone marrow cells, macrophages, dendriutic cells, and spleen cells; bovine chondrocytes, and disease state biospecimens. Our high-performance computing cluster allows analysis of complex biological data.

Laboratory Animals

We have a wide range of inbred, outbred, and congenic laboratory animals for preclinical studies.

Microbial Genetics Services

We provide same-day results on microbial identification and strain typing and AMR resistance.

DNA Sequencing Services

We provide best-in-class DNA sequencing services with expert bioinformatics analysis.

Animal Testing

We provide carcinogenicity, dermal toxicity, genotoxicity, ocular irritation, pharmacology, and other toxicity studies.

Pathology & Laboratory

We provide clinical genetics tests, cancer genomics, NIPT tests, and other specilaized lab tests to hospitals.

Bacterial Culture Collection

We operate the first Culture Collection in East & Central Africa with a wide collection of bacterial strains.


We Provide Support to Many Sectors

We provide support to the biotechnology, pharma, and medical devices industries. We also provide support to hospitals, regulatory bodies and individual researchers. We can handle everything from small individual projects to large clinical trials.



We provide support to biotech industries in production of enzymes, antibodies, biologics and biosimilars.



We help pharma companies run preclinical and clinical trials for their medical devices and drugs.



We provide specilized laboratory tests to hospitals and clinics.



We provide support to Masters and PhD projects.

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Recent Blog

The Great Science Blog

On these pages, we present topical science stories .

  • Kenya DNA Report
    Kenya DNA Report

    In this report, we review 6,169 DNA profiles from samples obtained for relationship testing in Kenya. We provide information about the most common DNA tests conducted, preferred sample types, ethnic distribution of tests and outcomes, and important statistics. For the first time also, we have determined allele frequencies of the core FBI STR markers in…

  • Pioneering Point of Care Diagnostic Test for Tuberculosis
    Pioneering Point of Care Diagnostic Test for Tuberculosis

    At KIBs, we have created a rapid, simple, portable, inexpensive nucleic-acid based test for the simultaneous identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and rifampicin resistance. The test is based on sensitive, rapid, reproducible, equiment-free extraction . Its use in a point of care setting will greatly enhance the early diagnosis and management of TB.