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Cukture and Sensitivity Test
C/S Test vs rRNA Sequencing
Traditional microbiology culture & sensitivity tests are slow, expensive, laborious and less robust. 16S/18S rRNA sequencing reduces diagnosis time by 400% and provides more robust data for more effective clinical decisioning.
16s rRNA Sequencing

C/S Tests are too Slow

Rapid identification of pathogens is essential for effective patient management. Culture and sensitivity tests are one of those “sillier” lab tests. You take a patient’s urine or stool or pus or blood or any other specimen and grow it on a Petri dish. Then you take whatever “grows” on the plate and identify what it is and which drug can kill it.

It takes you more than 48 hours to find this out. Blood culture can take 5 days even 10 days or 30 days if it’s a fungal culture. And patient management is based on the findings. 2 days or 5 days or 1 month after the patient came for treatment, you tell the doctor that “I have grown streptococcus and it can be treated using cephalexin”.

It’s a bit like having several seeds in a bag and you can’t tell pawpaw seeds apart from avocado seeds or beans apart from maize. So you grow all the seeds and wait for them to germinate so that you can tell them apart based on leaf morphology, fruit, roots, flower color, and such. Worse even, 99% of all bacteria can’t be grown on petri dishes.

We Reduce Diagnosis Time by 400%

We are doing better, disrupting the traditional microbiology culture & sensitivity tests using. Identification of bacteria using 16s/18s rRNA sequencing, strain typing, detection of resistance genes, and metagenomic profiling reduces the diagnosis time by 400%, identifies ALL bacteria, types all strains, and provides higher quality data for more effective clinical decisioning.

We are here to help hospitals and clinics to diagnose infections faster and better. To aid in the rapid identification of pathogens. To help doctors pick the best antibiotics for infections. Turn in your urine, stool, blood, pus, or CSF or any other microbiology sample to us for analysis and get your results on the same day.

Robust Data for More Effective Decisioning

  • We Identify bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi in clinical specimens up to the strain level
  • We identify antimicrobial resistance (AMR) genes
  • We identify disease dysbiosis markers
  • We detect and characterize uncommon and novel pathogen infections