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Animal Research

Animal Testing Services

Our animal testing services are meant to assess the safety, efficacy, and/or potential adverse health effects of new chemicals and products such as vaccines, medicines, food additives, pesticides, and industrial chemicals. Our animal testing services are designed for the following applications:


  • Therapeutics include prescription medicines, over-the-counter and complementary/alternative medicines; vaccines; medical devices including sterilants and disinfectants and in vitro diagnostic devices (IVDs); primary sunscreen products; and sterilants and disinfectants. Our animal testing services are meant to ensure that these therapeutics are not only safe without any potential adverse effect but are also effective


  • To ensure that cosmetics are safe and cannot cause harm to humans, we provide testing services on cosmetics including perfumes, mascara, makeup, nail polish, face masks, moisturizers, skin oils, creams, emulsions, make-up powders, after-bath powders, lotions, gels, tinted bases, and oils among others.

Household Cleaning Products

  • We provide tests on toiletries and cleaning products such as liquid soaps, dish soap, washing powder, laundry detergents, washing-up liquids, oven cleaners, lavatory bleaches, wipes, perfumes, shampoos and sprays.

Industrial Chemicals

  • Industrial chemicals are compounds or complexes of chemical elements, where the compounds or complexes have an industrial use. Compounds of ‘unknown or variable composition, complex reaction products or biological materials’ or UCVBs are also classified as industrial chemicals. Industrial chemicals also include compounds released by an article, where the article has an industrial use and naturally-occurring chemicals with an industrial use. Industrial chemicals are used in oil and gas industries, paper production, manufacturing, construction, fertilizers and pesticides, detergents and soaps, and many other areas.

Agricultural and Veterinary Use Products

  • Compounds for agricultural and veterinary use include household gardening products, pesticides including household products such as personal insect repellents, insect sprays and weed killers, pool sanitising chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite, sodium bromide and algaecides, veterinary medicine, pet food and livestock feed.

Food and Food Additives

  • Food additives are substances that are added to food to preserve the food’s flavour, prolong the shelf life, or enhance the taste, appearance, or other sensory qualities of the food. Common food additives include sweeteners, artificial colouring, leavening agents, high-fructose corn syrup, stabilizers, guar gum, trans fat, sodium nitrite, emulsifiers, and monosodium Glutamate (MSG). Our food testing services aim to ensure that the food that’s consumed is safe and cannot cause any adverse effects upon continuous feeding.
  • We also test food to determine if it has any GMO content.

Basic Research

We provide animal testing services, assisting researchers, students and industry to model disease and test the safety and efficacy of drugs, biologics, medical devices, cosmetics, and diagnostics using live animal models before they can be taken into clinical trials. Our array of preclinical services include:

  • Acute & Subacute Toxicity Studies – Acute toxicity studies are done to determine the lethal dose/concentration of a substance that causes death in 50% of the test population (LD/LC50) during short-term exposure. These studies help to evaluate the safety of drugs, veterinary products, cosmetics, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, bactericides, chemicals and medical devices. 
  • Chronic Toxicity Studies – provide information on possible hazards that may result from repeated exposure to a specific substance. We evaluate the potential target organs of toxicity, reversibility of observed toxicities, greatest concentration or amount of a substance at which no detectable adverse effects occur in an exposed population or the No Observed Adverse Effect Level (NOAEL), and the potential clinical risk in relation to the anticipated clinical dose following long-term treatment.
  • Carcinogenicity Studies – animals are exposed to specified substance in order to check if the substance can cause cancer.
  • Efficacy Studies – we provide efficacy assays for drug discovery including angiogenesis inhibition in cancer, tissue regeneration studies, target validation and screening of potential new drugs for diseases like Parkinson’s Disease (PD), Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), Epilepsy, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). Other services are high content screening for drugs, drug delivery studies, hit to lead (H2L) studies and lead optimization studies.