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Bacteria Culture Collection

Bacteria culture collection in Africa

We provide a specialized repository that contains diverse strains of bacteria. These collections play a crucial role in scientific research, biotechnology, medicine, and quality control. By maintaining well-characterized strains under controlled conditions, we ensure the availability of valuable resources for a wide range of applications.

Our bacterial strains are typically isolated from various sources such as soil, water, plants, animals, and humans. The collection ensures the long-term storage and maintenance of these strains under controlled conditions to ensure their viability and genetic stability.

Preservation is by cryopreservation, which involves freezing the bacteria at ultra-low temperatures (-80°C or below) using cryoprotective agents like glycerol or dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO). This technique allows the long-term storage of bacterial strains without significant loss of viability or genetic integrity.

Bacterial culture collections serve as valuable resources for scientific research. Researchers can request specific strains from these collections to study their characteristics, behavior, metabolism, pathogenicity, or other aspects of interest. These collections often maintain extensive databases that contain detailed information about each strain, including its origin, isolation methods, growth conditions, and any associated metadata.