Gel Electrophoresis Boot Camp

Gel Electrophoresis

2-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2-DE) is a powerful tool in proteomics and software-based analysis of gel images is an important step in the process. Various computer-based methods have been proposed for the detection of protein spots in 2-DE images (Brauner, 2014).

miniprotean 3 cell

This practical training is aimed at students and researchers who are applying or planning to use gel electrophoresis in their research. The aim of this training is to equip the participants with practical skills on how to separate proteins using different gel electrophoresis techniques and how to visualize, explore, analyse, assemble, and submit 2D gel data using bioinformatics tools.

This training will teach you how to:

  • Identify components of the gel electrophoresis system
  • Prepare reagent and stock solutions for SDS-PAGE (Laemmli) Buffer System and discontinuous Native PAGE (Ornstein-Davis) and continuous Native PAGE systems
  • Set up and operate the gel electrophoresis system
  • Visualize, explore, analyse, assemble, and submit 2D gel data using bioinformatics tools.
  • Maintain the gel electrophoresis system       Continue Reading »

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