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Outsourec yur clinical trials in Africa

Fast and Accurate DNA and RNA Sequencing in Africa

Driving Africa’s Genomic Revolution

Even though Africa boasts of the most diverse genome worldwide, less than 1% of African genomic data is presently available for use in disease management and prevention. We want to change this. Our passion is to generate and provide access to actionable genetic data that can be used to guide disease prevention as well as inform clinical decisions. Our DNA sequencing services in Africa are useful for researchers, academia, students, doctors, and professionals in the agricultural, biomedical, and biological fields. Adoption of DNA sequencing in Africa will revolutionize public health and transform responses to other major health threats.

DNA Sequencing for Clinical Samples

Our DNA sequencing services for clinical samples include:

  • Detection of Viruses
  • Identification of bacteria and fungi, strain typing, antimicrobial resistance genes testing and microbiome analysis.
  • Cancer panel tests for breast, ovarian, colorectal, prostate, pancreatic, gastric, skin, thyroid, and parathyroid cancer.
  • Carrier screening to find out if one is a carrier of a gene for a genetic disorder.
  • Prenatal test (NIPT Test) to diagnose genetic conditions such as Down’s Syndrome (Trisomy 21) in the unborn.
  • Newborn screening to identify metabolic conditions such as galactosemia and PKU in newborns at birth.
  • Pharmacogenetics to help doctors predict a patient’s response to a given drug and prescribe only effective and safe drugs. It also helps doctors to individualize treatment
DNA Sequencing in Africa
Genome sequencing Africa

DNA Sequencing for Researchers, Pharma and Biotech Companies

We help researchers design and implement their sequencing projects. Our services are customized to fit your needs in a way that will aid you to accomplish the project aims and objectives in a cost-effective manner and within the desired time frame. DNA sequencing services for researchers include whole genome sequencing (WGS), whole exome sequencing (WES), targeted gene sequencing, sanger sequencing, and 16s/18s/ITS/shotgun metagenomics. Pharma and biotech companies can outsource their sequencing needs to us.

DNA Sequencing Services for Student Projects

We provide support to masters and PhD students undertaking projects that require DNA sequencing. Our experts will help you design your study and assist you in every step of the laboratory analysis. We will also assist you to analyze and interpret your results.

Sanger sequencing