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About Vumbua

From primary school children who want to see how a bacteria looks like to PhD students who want to innovate drugs, Vumbua is the place to do it.


We provide you with the space, equipment, technical expertise, and reagents needed to start and complete your project in the following thematic areas:

Bioinformatics & Genomics

Computer-aided drug design (CADD), metabolomics, systems biology, DNA sequencing & analysis, proteomics, biological databases, data structure & algorithms, transcriptomics, phylogenetics & sequence analysis, high throughput data analysis


Bacterial culture, antmicrobial susceptiblity testing, staining & microscopy.

Molecular Biology

PCR, Gel electrophoresis, RFLP, karyotyping, gene cloning & editing.


Full blood count, staining & microscopy.


Biochemical analysis, HPLC,GC,MS.

Completed Projects
Innovations & Publicaations

Training & Events

Benefit from our hackathons, boot camps, seminars, lab workups, meetups, and workshops.

Computer-Aided Drug Design Boot Camp

PCR Boot Camp

Perl Programming for Biologists

NGS Data Analysis


Publications & Innovations

This section contains innovations and publications from our hack lab.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vumbua?

Vumbua is a hack lab for students, researchers, and members of the public who want to learn more about biology, complete their projects, get hands-on skills on operating lab equipment and tests, and innovate drugs and diagnostic tests.

Is Vumbua Free?

We charge a monthly fee for those who want to use our space and equipment. Follow this link to view the membership fees charged Join our Community

I don't have any training in biology; how can I benefit from Vumbua?

  • You don't have to be a biology graduate to benefit from Vumbua. At Vumbua, we let everyone from primary school students to members of the public come in and learn biology. You can come and grow your own bacteria and view them, look at blood slides, see how stomach bugs appear, learn how DNA is obtained from cells, look at your chromosomes, and much much more

Can I Do my School Project at Vumbua?

Yes! At Vumbua we provide you with the space and equipment to start and complete your project. We also provide you with technical assistance including but not limited to research protocols, validated SOPs,dedicated assistance by technologists, sample storage, data analysis and report writing.

What is our area of focus?

Our focus is on all areas of biology - there are no limitations. From biochemistry to microbiology to molecular biology to histology and cytology, to bioinformatics and genomics, we have the facilities that will help you bring your project to life and help you understand how life works.

Training Events

We also organize hands-on training events on lab procedures. Check out our page for hackathons, boot camps, workshops, and seminars.