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About the Drug Design Class

In this intensive training, partcipants will learn the science involved in disease target identification, virtual screening techniques, in-silico generation of ligands, protein optimization & energy minimization, molecular docking, creation of Grid Paramater & Dock Parameter files, running the Docking Algorithm, pharmacophore modeling, and drug repurposing. They will also learn how to select potent inhibitors on the basis of binding energies and Lipinski ’s Rule of 5, how to look for H-bonds between ligands and active sites of protein residues as well as aspects of drug Likeness,ADME & Toxicity. Practical hands-on training will encompass training on the use of KenClust, software such as MarvinSketch, UCSF Chimera, AutoDock Tools, Ligand Scout,Open Babel, and SPDV among others. Lab work will include bacterial culture, antimicrobial susceptibility testing, and genotoxicity testing.

Wet Lab

This will be a hands-on course that will show you how to test the safety and efficacy of your drug using in vivo and in silico methods

Test Antimcirobials

Grow your bacteria, prepare discs containing your drug, test how effective your drug is at clearing these bacteria, perform genotoxic assays

Lab Animal Science

Test the effects of your drug on selected lab animals.

Drug Effect on Gene Expression

Find out the effect of your drug on gene expression.

Drug Effect on Blood

Determine the effect of your drug on hematological parameters and tissues

Biochemical Effects of the Drug

Find out the effect of your drug on biochemical parameters

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Prerequisites & Fees

This training is ideal for people in biological, agricultural, pharma, and biotechnology industries who wish to gain skills on how to discover, design, and optimize drugs using in silico methods.
The fee is Kshs. 50,000/- (500 USD, Inclusive of VAT 16%) for East African residents. Non-East African students pay 25% more on all charges.Fees covers tuition, training material, certificate, drinks and meals only. Vumbua members enjoy a 10% discount.
Fees are payable strictly in advance (at least 4 working days before the starting date.
Groups with a minimum of 5 people will enjoy a 10% discount and early bird registration (at least 2 weeks before the start) will be offered a 5% discount
There will be a 10% administrative charge for cancellations received in writing up to 20 working days before the start of the course. No refunds will be made for cancellations received within 20 working days of the course start date or for the inability to attend the course for whatever reasons. KIBs is not liable for non-attendance due to travel disruptions, health problems or any other reason that might lead to a delegate not being able to attend the course. Substitutions may, of course, be made at any time, providing you inform us in writing.
Fee is payable by bankers cheque or MPESA to: Bioinformatics Institute of Kenya. A/C No. 0012342070001,Chase Bank, City Centre Branch, Nairobi, Kenya. The Paybill number for payments via Mpesa is 789190 and the account number is your name. Check the section below for online payments.

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