Kenya healthy weight DNA test

The healthy weight DNA test removes the guess work out of managing your weight.

Healthy Weight DNA Test in Kenya

Are you overweight or underweight, too thin or too fat, and are looking to lose weight or to gain weight? Have you tried everything but are still unable to achieve a healthy weight? Is your exercise program ineffective? Do you struggle to lose weight or gain weight no matter what you eat or how hard you exercise?

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The healthy weight DNA test removes the guess work out of managing your weight. The secret to your ideal weight is in your DNA. All we need from you is a cheek swab. Your DNA is extracted from the cheek swab and your genes involved in food and nutrient utilization, weight loss ability, and response to exercise identified. Analysis of the genes and gene combinations is done using the biggest and most scientifically validated genome-wide association studies (GWAS). Based on the analysis, scores for the different genes and gene combinations are made. A comprehensive report on your genetic makeup with recommendations customized for you is included. The recommendations include a customized meal plan and a customized exercise plan. In short, we look at your DNA and tell you the best foods and exercise for you.

weight loss DNA testing in Africa

Why Test with Us?

Our rates are affordable
You get comprehensive free customized meal plans and exercise program plans
Our tests are conclusive with up to 99.9999% accuracy
Our services are highly confidential and discreet
We provide 24/7 online and telephone customer support
Our tests are based on non-invasive sampling (cheek swabs, nails, hair, chewing gum, and other non-invasive samples)
Our friendly support staff will help you every step of the way
We have fast turnaround times – results are available for collection in 35 working days
Our lab is staffed with highly trained and experienced scientists
We have the ability to deal with complicated cases
Quality control is assured through triangulation in an AABB-accredited facility


Type of TestCostComments/purpose
Healthy Weight DNA Test20,000 Kshs. per personThe healthy weight DNA test analyzes the genetic makeup of genes involved in your food and nutrients utilization, response to exercise, and weight loss ability and provides customized weight management recommendations best for you.


Cheek swab samples from the person whose DNA is to be tested are required.


Results will be available for collection 35 working days after receiving all your samples

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You can make payments to our bank account: A/C name: Bioinformatics Institute of Kenya. Bank: SBM Bank Kenya, City Center Branch. A/C No:0012342070001. The Paybill number for payments via Mpesa Paybill is 789190 and the account number is 0012342070001.

Order a Healthy Weight DNA Test now!