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How it Works

Dawapap is a platform that brings together drug buyers and drug sellers. Daily, we list thousands of drug orders on our platform. As a pharmtech affiliate, all you have to do is login, pick the order you want to fulfill, and deliver the drug to the patient.

Features and Benefits

By joining the largest virtual drugstore, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Ready Market

Dawapap provides a constant flow of orders. You don’t have to struggle to attract clients to your pharmacy. Those without a pharmacy do not need to invest huge amounts in setting up a shop. All you need to do is to login to our page, view the available orders, pick the ones that you want to fulfill, and deliver them to the client. .

Improved Earnings

We provide reasonable mark ups that allow you to profit from your deliveries.

On-time Payments

We know that you deserve to get your money on time. At Dawapap, you will get paid two times a month. This means that you will not have to wait until the end of a month to receive your payment! You also get to choose how you want to receive your money – whether it is through your mobile wallet, online, or through your bank account.

Reduced Expenses

You don’t need to have a physical pharmacy to sell medicine. Avoid the expenses that come with rent and stocking.

Make the “Slow” Stock Move

If you have old stock stuck on your shelf because of low demand, Dawapap will help you solve that problem. Check out our listing of drugs and clear that stock!.

Flexible Schedule

Dawapap allows you to sell medicine anytime, day or night, 365 days a year. You don’t have to seat behind the pharmacy counter the whole day for you to make sales. You decide what you want to sell, when you want to sell, and where you want to sell. You also get to choose where to source your products from. This means that you can work part time and selling will not interfere with other important things in your life.

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Getting Started

Getting started is easy, fast, and free.

Sign Up Online

Login, search for the drug you want, hit the "buy" button, pay, and wait for the delivery to be made.

Share Your Documents

Upload copies of your national ID and PPB license.

Complete your Profile

Fill in the required details and get started!

Fulfill Prescriptions

Use your phone to access client prescriptions and fulfill their orders.

Getting Orders

Selling medicine has never been easier. All you need to do is login to your dashboard, select the orders you want to fulfill, and deliver them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dawapap?

Dawapap is the easiest way to earn money by selling, dispensing, and prescribing medicine.

Is DawaPap Free?

Registration and use of Dawapap is completely free

What do I need to Join Dawapap as an Affiliate?

Anybody licensed by the Pharmacy & Poisons Board can register as an Affiliate. You do not need to have an active pharmacy for you to enroll. Minimum requirements are 21 years of age, a valid National Identity Card, a valid PPB practicing License, and a registered mobile phone number.

How do I Register as an Affiliate?

To register, click on the “Affiliate Signup” tab at the top left of the affiliates page. You can also Click Here. Provide your names, telephone number, email address, and copies of your National ID Card and PPB License. A code will be sent to your phone. Type in the code and complete the registration. Your application will be considered and a notification together with your PIN (HRN Number) sent to you within 24 hours. Use your HRN to login. After logging in, make sure to update your profile by clicking the icon. Provide details of the bank account where your earnings will be sent and hit the save button.

How Do I Get Orders?

You can view all available orders after logging in. simply click on the “pick order” tab to take an order. You may want to pick orders that you can easily deliver and these may be those that need to be sent close to where you reside and those that you can easily obtain medicine from your distributor or your own pharmacy. After a successful delivery, go to the "pending orders" tab and mark the order as delivered. This will then be stored in your "fulfilled orders" records and earmarked for payment.

How do I Deliver Orders?

The delivery location is indicated on each order. Simply pack the medicine in our branded bags and take it to the delivery location.

How do I Get Paid?

Your deliveries will be aggregated and payments for deliveries you make made twice in a month. All medicines delivered between 1st and 14th of every month will be paid on the 30th of the same month while all deliveries made between 15th and 31st will be paid on the 1st of the following month. Payments will be made via Mpesa or to the registered bank account. You can click on the icon to view your pending and past payments.

How do I Fulfill Prescriptions?

To fulfill a prescription sent to you, simply login and click on the RX code tab. Type in the prescription code given to you by the patient. The prescribed drug will be displayed. You can then dispense the drug.

How do I Check if a Drug is Safe for a Patient?

Select the drug of interest and search for it using the “find Drug “ tool. Click on the “Safety Check” button. The safety check feature will need to access medical data of the patient for whom you are checking the drug’s safety. A code will be sent to the patient’s phone and the patient will give you the code to signify that you have permission to access the data. Type in the code and submit then add any other drugs or alcohol being taken by the patient and submit the data. The safety check will look for any contraindications and interactions and warn you if the drug is not safe for the patient to use.

How to Order for a Test

Click on the icon, select the checkbox of the test(s) you want done,pay,collect your sample,drop it in the authorized collection box, and wait for your results and or prescription. Use the icon to collect the sample correctly.

How do I Buy Medicine for a Patient?

You can buy medicine for a patient by searching for it using the “Find Drug “ tool. Click on the “Buy Drug” button, type the patient’s mobile number, make the payment, and have the patient wait for the delivery to be made.

How to Manage your Medical Records

To view medicines you dispensed in the past, use the icon. You can also view your pending, past, and fulfilled orders

How Secure is DawaPap?

DawaPap is very secure. Any data you submit to this website or the Dawapap App is sent over a https connection and is securely encrypted with the strongest available algorithms. We also utilize a 2-factor authentication model and the Google recaptcha tool to enhance your security. We have robust security policies in place.